Are you planning a bachelorette party and looking for some great ideas? Do you want a night the bride will never forget with a fun-filled fête that strays from the ordinary? 

A popular plan for this occasion is to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with all the BFFs and the bride, followed by an evening party. The afternoon program usually consists of several activities that follow each other. A great tip to spice up the whole day is to add some special games or quizes for the bride, that she will need to solve during the whole celebration.

Overall, the activities should be unique, so your beloved friend will experience something new, unforgettable and above all, enjoy her "last day" as a single woman. The whole program is most often planned as a surprise, so it is not uncommon for the bride to come to the first activity blindfolded or with the help of clues.

We’ve got tons of inspiration for your celebration, so here are 8 fun interesting activities that quarantee you a great bachellorette party!


Interactive gallery The Pop Up!

We definitely recommend visiting this place for your hen party! It perfectly meets all the criteria for an unforgettable celebration – this gallery provides a truly unique and unforgettable experience with its interactive installations. The spot is also amazing to quickly break the ice between the guests, even if the whole group does not know each other well. Just be careful, the available dates fill up quickly!

The Pop Up is a newly opened interactive space in Prague. It consists of 9 rooms that are interconnected. The space can be visited as a 1.5-hour tour or rented out entirely. During the rental, you can organize an afternoon brunch, an evening party, or play bachelorette games here (possibility of renting a projector and screen), of course, with free access to all interactive rooms. The great advantage of renting is that you can bring your own refreshments, alcohol, and decorations. Plus, you won't be bothered by strangers. From experience, you will take away unforgettable memories and and aesthetic photos for your Instagram.


Another option is to have a relax SPA day in a hot tub and sauna, with group massages, or special cosmetic procedures. Who wouldn't enjoy such a girly afternoon straight out of a movie? Wedding organization may be really stressful, so you can use it as a great way to unwind and gain strength before the further party. 

The most common types of massages:

  • Classic massage – the most popular type of massage. It relaxes your muscles, perfuses the skin, supports blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Ayurvedic massage – this type of massage is famous for using medicated herbal oils, that have various health benefits. Ayuervedic massage also takes a more holistic approach—aiming to relieve emotional stress more than physical stress.
  • Thai massage – consists in pressing and stretching individual parts of the body with the help of the thumbs, palms, forearms, heels and knees of the massager, so the blocked energy paths are released.

The most common types of saunas:

  • Finnish sauna is a time-honoured classic. It is easily recognizable by its wood paneling and benches, and it uses lava stone stoves for heating. It has two forms - classic sauna and dry sauna.
  • Biosauna - combination of Finnish and steam sauna.
  • Infrared sauna
  • Steam sauna

The most common types of spa procedures:

  • Massages and hydromassages
  • Baths (e.g. pearl, herbal, carbonated)
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Drinking cures
  • Wraps (e.g. mud, paraffin, wax)
  • Stay in a thermal pool or hot tub
  • Physiotherapy and exercise

During the individual procedures, there is time to chat and discuss all the news that happened to whom.

An escape game for the whole group

Would you like to experience something more adventurous? Is your bride fan of riddles and her favourite TV series is Sherlock? Then this is the activity for her bachelorette party!

An escape game most often consists of several rooms. The main task of the whole group is to get out of the rooms and thus win the game. However, in order for the group to succeed, they must find all the clues, solve all the puzzles and complete all the tasks that await them in the rooms. Individual escape games are also often themed. So you have many options to choose from - for example mental hospital escape game, save the heritage, escape game rescue mission.This activity is full of tension and adrenaline, and you will definitely not get bored


Picnic in the park

If the weather is in favor to you on the day of the farewell, you should definitely not forget to include a picnic in your program. What could be better than a group of close friends, sipping prosecco somewhere in the park on a beautiful warm day? Of course, summer coctails, some fresh fruits and berries should not be missing!


Limousine ride

Does your bride wish to have a farewell like in a movie? Then a limo ride is something you should think about. Have fun during your ride by throwing there a little party, get some drinks, sing together your favourite songs, while driving through the town

If you are only looking for a means of transportation, we also recommend renting city bikes, scooters, or motorbikes. For example, in Prague it is possible to download the Rekola application and simply rent cute pink bicycles. In Olomouc, it's the Nextbike app again.


Book a mini cruise

Here is another amazing activity for a hot summer day, in case you are organizing a farewell party somewhere by the river. Make this celebration special by renting a private boat just for your group of friends. Whether it's a romantic sunset dinner on the water or a sunbathing cruise at your leisure, the experience will be unmatchable!


Wine tasting

Is your bride a wine lover? If so, this activity could be perfect for her. Taste several types of wine, get to know where they are from and what flavors are mixed in them, who made them and how much work was involved, so at the end you will feel like a real sommelier. Wine tasting can be ordered in wine bars, or as a private event, for example, when renting The Pop Up space. (see above)


Evening entertainment

If your bachelorette party is planned on evening, there are plenty of fun activities you may do. From sitting in the wine garden to hitting the clubs, karaoke, strip bar or renting a private lounge and sipping on cocktails.