There are a lot of places to celebrate your children's birthday. From playrooms to restaurants with a small children's corner. But nothing special, right? Children won't enjoy it much in the restaurant, and it's not for adults in the game room.

 Have you heard about The Pop Up? It's a place where your children can have real fun and you, with other parents, can just sit and calmly talk about anything you want.

What is The Pop Up?

The Pop Up! is a new kind of exhibition where the entire room is an art installation. You can walk around it, interact with it and be creative. Each of the rooms has its own scent, sound and color, which creates a unique atmosphere in each room. During the party the whole place is just for you, and nobody won't disturb you. 

Where is The Pop Up?

The Pop Up is situated in Podolí in Prague, on the address Dvorecké náměstí 406/5. You can get here by tram or a bus to station Dvorce, also you can go by car and park here.

How is the rental in The Pop Up?

During the party, the whole place is private. In the main room there's gonna be tables and chairs (depending on the number of people invited, 4-40 people). The Information about food, drinks etc. is down below. The premises are equipped with speakers, so you can listen to your music from your phone, they also contain a dressing room and a toilet. As part of the lease you can borrow a projection screen karaoke set or order some special decoration for your party. 

What about food and drinks?

If you'd like to have food and drinks at your party, there are 2 options. The first one is that you can bring your own food (including alcohol) - in this case we can offer some plates, cutlery etc. The second option is to order food, cake from us. Just let us know and we'll manage that.

What is the capacity?

In our place you can have a small party (from 5 people), but also a bigger one with a recommendation of a maximum number of 40 people.

Is there a possibility to have a photographer?

In case you'd like to have memories and also cool photos, we offer our special package - Professional photographer for birthday parties. This package includes: 60-70 great photos of you and your close relatives and 1,5h with the photographer.

What is the price of the rental?

The rental price depends on when and for how long you would like to have the party. From our own experience, we can recommend at least 3 hours of rental.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and let us know. Just write to our email:

We will look forward to your celebration!🙂