A birthday is more than just a date in the calendar - it's an annual opportunity to enjoy the joys of life and create memories with friends and family. In the heart of ancient Prague, there are interesting places that know how to get a real party going. Read our tips on where to organize a birthday party in Prague.

The Pop Up!

You can rent this creative space with nine beautiful installations all to yourself and organize the most original birthday party. Go crazy in the ball pit or swing into a good mood on the fairy-tale swing. There will be a seating area in the main room where you can order refreshments, or you can bring your own. The space is ideal for 35 people. For reservations, write to info@thepopup.cz or call +420 603 345 381. The exhibition can be found at Dvorecké náměstí 406/5, Prague 4.

Karaoke bar

Rent a private karaoke lounge and organize a karaoke party. Sing through your birthday with friends and family and enjoy an evening of good music and good company. No one will ever forget such a celebration.

Escape room

Do you want to experience excitement and adrenaline at your birthday party? Try an escape room! Imagine being locked in a themed room full of puzzles, clues and challenges that require your collective wits and creativity. Let yourself be led into the world of adventure and experience a truly original birthday.

Party boat on Vltava

Step aboard a private boat sailing on the Vltava river and let the twinkling lights of Prague become the backround for your birthday celebration. Imagine the laughter of friends and the clinking of glasses and create unforgettable memories. A boat party in Prague is not just a birthday event - it's an experience that combines the magic of the cityscape with the joy of spending time together.

Historical party

Prague is a beautiful historical city and what better way to celebrate a birthday than in a historical spirit? Pass through the ancient gates and into the realm of history and elegance and celebrate your birthday in historic spaces.

Cozy cafe

Organize a celebration in one of the picturesque cafes that Prague has to offer. A pleasant and cozy atmosphere awaits you. Relax and enjoy a good coffee with your favorite company.

Hot air balloon

For a truly adventurous celebration, fly a hot air balloon over Prague. Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of the cityscape, its monuments and the Vltava river. Enjoy a birthday experience like no other.

Party tram

Rent a historic tram for a unique birthday experience. Take a ride through the charming streets of Prague and enjoy music, drinks and the company of friends. Some trams even offer catering services for your comfort.

Beer garden

Prague is famous for its beer gardens. Choose a picturesque garden and celebrate your birthday with traditional Czech beer, delicious food and a lively atmosphere. It's a fantastic choice for those who appreciate a more casual but spirited birthday gathering.

Laser game

Laser game parties can be an exciting and action-packed way to celebrate a birthday. Add more excitement by incorporating a theme into your birthday game. Whether it's a futuristic space battle or a secret agent mission, the theme will add a twist to your celebration.