Candyfloss is a popular treat at any party. This light and fluffy sweet is always a delight for both young and old alike. Its charm lies not only in its softness and sweetness, but also in the bouquet of different flavours you can choose from. Order a cute candyfloss cart from us for a wedding, corporate event or even a festival and make your occasion even brighter in this way. Find more on our website!

What packages with cotton candy do we offer ?

1) The Variety
- 1 hour of unlimited cotton candy
- for approx. 40 people
- 2 different flavours
- Suitable for children's parties, babyshowers and smaller family celebrations

2) A Treat For Everyone
- 2 hours of unlimited cotton candy
- For approx. 80 people
- 4 different flavours
- Suitable for weddings, marketing events, corporate events, team building

3) Endless Happiness
Individual arrangements can be made for special events. Order multiple flavours or create your own flavour, with decorations and candyfloss shapes to fit the atmosphere of your event. 
We will try to fulfill anything you have in mind!

What flavours of candyfloss do we have?

Mango and Chilly

A sweet mango flavour of cotton candy sprinkled with a powder of mildly spicy chilly 

Our The Pop Up!

Pink marshmallow flavoured cotton candy topped with mini-marshmallow 

Strawberry with Lemon Zest

A cotton candy full of fresh strawberry flavor with some grated lemon zest

Summer Piña Colada

A sweet pineapple and coconut flavor that's just perfect for summer

Salted Caramel

A candyfloss with a subtle caramel flavour in a perfect combination with a sprinkling of flake salt 


Watermelon and coconut flavoured cotton candy with watermelon cracking powder

Traditional with a bit of magic

Traditional strawberry flavor cotton candy that leaves a tingly crunch in your mouth when you taste it.  

Honey and rose

The combination of honey and rose creates a delicate floral note

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