Are you going to organize a company party and you don't know what to do with the program? We have 8 tips for you and we can assure you that you and your coworkers won't be bored at all. Programmes have been chosen primarily as collective activities that allow you to get to know your colleagues even more.

Bubble show

A bubble show may evoke a show only for a children audience, but it couldn’t be far away from truth. This professional bubble show can captivate audiences of all ages. Experienced bubble artist Matěj Kodeš, world record holder with many other awards, will make your corporate party unforgettable. The performance will be accompanied by a workshop where you will have the opportunity to try some of the creations that Matěj the bubbler performs.

The Pop Up! 

The interactive exhibition The Pop Up! is an ideal place for a corporate party. You can rent the space, so all rooms will be at your disposal. The Pop Up!! offers 9 installations that were invented especially for adults, so that they can go back to their childhood years. Each of the rooms have their own specific smell, colour and sound, creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere where you forget about the woes that might accompany you in a live setting. The rooms can accommodate up to 40 people and if you choose to hire them, you can also book catering for the party.

Cotton candy

The Pop Up! also provides cotton candy rentals with service. Cotton candy is a popular treat for events and making it is even more fun than it may seem at first. There are 8 flavours on offer and they include mango with chilly, piña colada, strawberry with lemon zest and other interesting flavours. You can choose from three packs, which you can find on The pop up!

Gourmet casino

Gourmet casino is a concept based on tasting alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks in the presence of experienced animators. Tastings are not only for connoisseurs, but for everyone. The drinks offered for tasting include wine, rums, beer, coffee or even chocolate. You can make the tastings more interesting by betting tokens and identifying by taste, colour or smell what you are drinking or eating. Simply choose your premises and Gourmet Casino will take care of the rest.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality experienced a huge boom a few years ago. It's a technology that allows you to find yourself anywhere you wish with your interaction. This program is perfect for a company party because you will entertain your employees with games they can play alone or with others. In addition to educational, exploratory, sports or other original games, you can use roller coaster simulation, free flight, controlled flight or racing simulation. We recommend playing virtual reality with other colleagues, as the activity becomes even more fun.

Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz is a great way how to bring Nowadays, the most commonly used term is PubQuiz, which is a suitable team-building activity where almost everyone can have fun. The quiz will focus on a topic of your choice. You can play as individuals or pit any number of teams against each other. Individuals in teams must work together and try to answer all the questions correctly. The prize is any prize chosen by the party organizer. You can organise the Pub Quiz yourself or use a company to tailor-make the quiz for you. 

Týmové hry, únikovky

Another program you can use are escape games or other team games. Game themes are often inspired by movies or computer games. Escape games are based on teamwork, where you are confined to a room and try to find keys, solve puzzles and complete tasks. You need to navigate the rooms well and maybe even divide up some tasks. After conquering all the pitfalls, you should gradually get out of the room/rooms, thus solving the mystery and ending the game. While solving the given tasks you cooperate with other workers and at the same time there is no shortage of fun.


One such classic that everyone knows well is karaoke. Karaoke is a form of entertainment where an amateur singer sings to the backing of a chosen song. At first we may be met with shyness or shame, but believe me, as time goes on at the party, people will start to show more interest in karaoke. The most fun is when the workers sing together. You can set up karaoke yourself or there are companies that can help you outfit the space.