Prague has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Europe's most desirable nightlife destinations. The picturesque architecture together with the historical spirit of the capital city combines cultural heritage with unforgettable experience. Whether you are a party animal or prefer to sit peacefuly with friends over some drinks, Prague has something to offer for everyone.

Boothill bar 

If you are looking for an unusual experience of Prague's nightlife, visit the Boothill Bar. The bar is located in the heart of the city and offers a unique western atmosphere that transports visitors to the days of the american wild west. With a pleasant atmosphere, a diverse drink menu and live music, Boothill Bar is the perfect place to spend a nice evening.


Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Sunday 19:00- 3:00

📍Jaromírova 456, Praha 2

Anonymous bar

The popular cocktail bar offers innovative drinks in an environment with a mysterious atmosphere. This entertainment venue is inspired by the iconic classic film V for Vendetta. The bar is worth a visit for several reasons – primarily for the cocktails. Furthermore, for the unique interior design that references the famous film and the friendly staff who are known to wear Guy Fawkes masks when serving, which adds to the overall mystery.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Sunday 17:00- 2:00

📍Michalská 432, Staré Město

Hemingway bar

This popular bar draws its inspiration from the life of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway. The goal of the bar is to recreate the atmosphere of the old bars that the author liked to visit during his lifetime. The interior combines vintage elements, art deco and a pleasant atmosphere. The bar boasts an impressive collection of absinthe as well.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Friday 17:00- 1:00
Saturday 19:00-2:00
Sunday 19:00-1:00

📍Karoliny Světlé 26, Staré Město

The Alchemist bar

In addition to timeless drinks, the unique cocktail bar the Alchemist also offers elegant decor, clues, puzzles and games with an elegant decor, which together form a truly mystical experience. The menu offers drinks that dazzle not only with their taste, but also with their sophisticated decorative appearance. An integral part of the bar is also the tarot competition- Choose your destiny, in which you can win CZK 100,000.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Thursday 19:00- 2:00
Friday, Saturday 19:00-3:00
Sunday 19:00-2:00

📍Provaznická 386, Staré město

London Underground bar

This ancient British-themed cellar bar offers great drinks along with live music every night. The entertainment program is complemented by pub quizzes, karaoke and stand-up comedy on weekends, which is followed by a DJ in the later hours. In the menu you will find chilled beer or classic drinks for affordable prices.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Thursday 20:00-2:00
Friday, Saturday 20:00-4:00
Sunday 20:00-2:00

📍Spálená 106/47, Nové Město

The Pop Up!

The Pop Up! is an interactive exhibition where you can go even for a drink. The tour takes you through nine creative rooms where you can completely disconnect from everyday life and go back to your childhood. In addition to an unforgettable experience, you will also take away a lot of beautiful photos and memories. Or you can rent the entire space for yourself and host your own private party.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 14:00 – 20:00
Tuesday/ Thursday Individuálně dle dohody
Saturday/ Sunday 10:00 – 18:30

📍Dvorecké náměstí 406/5, Praha 4


Moonclub is a club and lounge that is perfect for any evening. Among the bars in Prague, it can particularly float with a spectacular glass roof. So, in addition to a dance floor and a beautiful bar, it also offers visitors a pleasant view of the night sky while sitting in the cozy lounges.

Opening hours:                                                           
Wednesday, Thursday 21:00-3:00
Friday, Saturday 21:00-5:00

📍Dlouhá 709/26, Staré Město


Absintherie is a well-known establishment that specializes in serving absinthe. It offers a wide selection of absinthe brands from different regions, including traditional and modern variations of the consumption of this spirit. Visitors can also witness and participate in classic absinthe rituals, which involve water fountains, sugar cubes or absinthe perforated spoons.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Thursday 15:00-24:00
Friday, Saturday 13:00 - 1:00
Sunday 13:00-24:00

📍Jilská 7, Staré Město

Nightmare bar

The themed horror bar was founded by horror fans for all the other horror fans. The interior is decorated with handmade scary decorations and popular life-size horror movie characters. In addition, the bar is covered in red lighting, which perfectly matches the special spooky menu.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Sunday 16:00-2:00

📍Újezd 598/5, Malá Strana

Robotic bar

The Robotic Bar promises its visitors a unique interactive experience where they can enjoy the technologies of the future today. Guests order drinks from the menu on the tablets. Two robotic arms that imitate the work of a bartender then prepare the ordered drinks from a hundred bottles hanging from the ceiling within 90 seconds.

Opening hours:                                                           
Monday - Sunday 12:00-20:30

📍Novotného lávka 198/13, Staré Město