Valentine's Day is coming, so we have prepared several tips for you, how you could enjoy this romantic day with your loved ones!

The Pop Up!

Take your significant other on the perfect date to The Pop Up, exceptionally open on Valentine's Day! You can fool around in the snowball pit, swing up to the clouds together and write a beautiful letter to your soulmate. You will pleasantly surprise your other half with this  date idea and create some long-lasting sweet memories.

You can book HERE.

Romantic dinner on a boat

Anyone who has ever ridden along the Vltava, at least on a pedal boat, knows that the view of Prague is absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy a magical Prague boat tour by night while having a delicious dinner in a cozy restaurant with your loved ones.


Theater date

If both you and your partner are fond of theaters, but due to lack of time, you don't go there often, then Valentine's Day is the best opportunity to finally buy two tickets to the opera or ballet!

Hike to Vyhlídka Máj

If the weather is nice this Valentine's Day, don't hesitate to go out into nature. The Máj viewpoint is a picturesque place near the capital city and the view down to the river from it is really romantic. Tip: Take some snacks with you and have a picnic 😉 .



If, on the other hand, the weather is not in your favor, you can spice up this holiday by visiting the sauna with a relaxing massage and a hot tub.


Kampa island, romanсe of Prague

The small romantic Kampa island is in the very heart of Prague. Take a pleasant stroll around the city in the evening, remember some beautiful moments you shared and tell how much you love each other.


A promenade in the New World (Nový svět Prague quarter)

In the middle of the city, not far from the Prague Castle, there is a small hidden town. Well, it is not a town in the true sense of the word, but suddenly you can find yourself somewhere completely different than you expected. Come and get lost in its narrow cozy streets and experience the charming atmosphere. Plus it's not overcrowded with tourists!